In person Events Return! 

We cant believe that our last event, Braw Bricks 2020, was held over 2 years ago!  Since then we have been looking at options regarding in person events but it has only been since the the start of 2022 we have felt confident enough to move forward with our first event of 2022, Edinbrick!  We will be back at Potterrow on 14th May, albeit with a few minor tweaks and changes.

Tickets were available from our online ticket seller only and we have sold out of our main batch of tickets.  We hope to release another small batch soon, stay tuned to the Edinbrick Facebook page.

We are happy to say that there has been a large numbers of displayers applying, covering a wide range of themes and styles, some who have exhibited with us before and some new displayers.  Displayers are also coming from further afield than previous events, something that we are keen to encourage as we move forward as it allows you to see displayers and models that you might not see elsewhere!

As you can see we are being looking to the future and we have some exciting ideas and plans, these wont be revealed until we are ready mind.

We look forward to seeing you at Edinbrick!

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