2019 Update

We have been a bit lax in updating the website so we thought it was time to give an update of what the BrickM8 team have been up to.

2019 starting with us returning to Cumbernauld with Braw Bricks in January.  It was very well attended and we are looking forward to Braw Bricks 2020!

Next was our traditional visit to display at Edinburgh Comic Con and we were pleased to have lots of models that hadnt been shown at ECC before.  We love the vibe of the event and would recommend it to anyone, LEGO fan or not.

May saw a sell out Edinbrick return to Potterrow Dome.  Despite being a busy day everyone who attended had a great time and yes, we are planning Edinbrick 2020 too!

It might sound like we are busy planning next year but this year isnt finished yet with our third show of the year, Glesga Bricks, still to come.  Glesga Bricks is being held on the 14th September in Glasgow (obviously) and for full details and ticket info check out the event page here or the Facebook page.

There will be more announcements over the next weeks of activities we have planned, stay tuned!

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