When the time comes to say a final goodbye to a loved one, Affertons provides a sensitive, caring and dignified service.

Why choose Affertons?

We can guide you with every aspect of the funeral arrangement.

All details and personal requests are arranged with compassion and in confidence.

We can suggest delicate touches to add meaningful uniqueness to the occasion.

We’re here to help you make a comfortable decision when choosing the right funeral for you loved one.

Affertons Funeral Care was founded in Dundee to offer a compassionate and equal level of service
in the most cost effective way.

Immediate Support

Available 24 hours a day
FREE impartial advice

01382 676016

Advice & Information

It’s not unusual for our clients to be unfamiliar with the processes involved in Funeral Care and the options available.

We help bring a sense of ease.

How we help

When a loved one dies you might be unsure what to do, what to choose or how much the funeral will cost. Affertons can sensitively guide you through all the process and the options.

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Funeral payments are available. If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for Government support. 

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Our role and responsibility first and foremost is to help you make a comfortable and informed choice.

Then it’s our duty to ensure a caring and effective funeral takes place.

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Useful contact numbers offering local services and support for funeral care in Dundee. 

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Legal Duties
There are certain responsibilities to take care of when a loved one passes. 

Affertons guides you through the process with a helping hand.

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Contact us by phone 01382 676016 or online.

​Affertons​ Funeral Care
​​​​​269 Clepington Rd,

​​Dundee, DD4 7UE

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